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Boa-Constructor (WxPython GUI-builder) Video Series

There are precious few open-source (OS) GUI builders of any repute but the lack is sorely felt in the WxPython world. WxGlade is a fine tool  if you like, as I do, it’s minimalist approach, but it is best for fairly small projects. When programming in the C++ WxWidgets I was impressed by the DialogBlocks GUI-builder, written by Julian Smart, the man behind WxWidgets. But it’s not open-source (though well worth the money IMO) and though you can use it to ouput XRC and, with a bit of hackery, use its widgets with WxPython, it is not Python-centric.

So it’s great to announce the addition of a series of videos dedicated to Boa Constructor, the Python IDE/WxWidgets GUI-builder.  I have been impressed by the effort the author Chaelon has put into getting these videos right and they are a great way to gently introduce yourself to what is probably the only real contender as far as ambitious OS (or otherwise) WxPython IDEs is concerned. It is a surprising gap in WxPython’s armour and it would be great were Boa Constructor to achieve critical mass. I did try it a number of years ago and found it somewhat fragile, but from watching the vids it looks to have matured. Anyway I’m inclined to give it another chance. So get on over and watch the vids and remember to leave Chaelon some well-earned praise.

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