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Introduction to Python web-programming: CGI

Web-programming is a pretty big topic. Complex web-apps might require the knowledge of SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS as well as a language like Python. It can be quite overwhelming. There are many frameworks that will help you handle this complexity (e.g. Django, Turbogears or Pylons), but if you don’t know roughly what they are doing behind the scenes you can find yourself in trouble later on.

If you want to learn web-programming, then CGI (Common Gateway Interface) can be a good place to start – letting you learn the basics before moving onto more complex tasks. It’s really easy to write a CGI script with Python and the cgi module and these videos in Club ShowMeDo can help you on the way:

In future episodes I’ll expand the CGI wiki to save pages, auto-link “wiki words” and generally finish the basic code. Those episodes should appear over the next couple of weeks.

This is one of our ShowMeDo Club tutorials for subscribers, a part of our 231 (mostly free) screencasts that help you to learn Python. Subscribers get access to 6+ hours of Python tutorials, exercises and walk-throughs with new episodes every week.


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