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Learn GUI and File-Handling techniques

This is our second in-depth pay-to-own video series for Python Programming, aimed at new-to-intermediate Python programmers (the first was our Python Newbies series).

Python 101 – easygui and csv is a fully worked series lasting 1 hour 20 minutes which shows you how to write a simple user-interface, process files and use Test-Driven Development. This series has been planned and created professionally.

We start with blank source files and build a fully-working useful program with a unit-test suite using a module we download from the web (easygui).

Audience – Beginner and intermediate Python coders who want to learn new modules, skills and techniques. To see what is covered take a look at the episode list.

What you get – Ownership of all 17 episodes (total: 1 hour 20 minutes) forever, the option to ask me questions (this is encouraged!), all source-code and background material (including wikipedia references), the option to download the episodes for off-line viewing.

Other benefits – We reserve 10% of the price as a donation to the Python Software Foundation. You have a full money-back guarantee (for 30 days), for whatever reason.

Exercises – Several are included ranging from ‘expand this pseudo-code’ to ‘write your own unit-tests that test this new function’. Each exercise is worked-through in the following episode so everything is explained for you.

Platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac.


  • easygui module – how to download and use a new Python module, how to write a very simple GUI
  • File i/o – using files and the built-in csv module
  • Unit-testing – how to do it and demonstrations of why it is necessary
  • Test-driven development – a powerful development practice to make you a stronger coder
  • Exception handing – giving the user a useful error message

See all of our 112 Python tutorial videos here.

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