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More Club videos for Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers

We’ve added three new videos to Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers.  This Club series is aimed at new Python programmers who want to get their heads around all of the common data-types and containers in Python.  Examples of common usage are given along with links for background information.

10 of the 14 episodes are published, the last four follow in the next two weeks:

  1. Overview (Variables and Containers) (Free)
  2. Variables are Objects
  3. Variable Scope
  4. int and float
  5. decimal
  6. str(ings)
  7. unicode
  8. bool(eans)
  9. list
  10. set
  11. dict [to come]
  12. tuple [to come]
  13. None [to come]
  14. printing [to come]

We created this series to help guide new Pythonistas into the language based on feedback from our Club members.

“Great video, lots of good basic information to help me start learning Python. Easy to watch the videos and then open up an interactive prompt and try out the new features I just learned. I also like the web links for additional details.”

The Club videos are a part of our 330 Python tutorial screencasts, the majority are free and contributed by our open-source authors (all authors get free access to all the Club videos).

Recent free videos include Agile Python/Pylons Development for pySvnManagerMaking a Django Dev Environment, TurboGears 2, Agile Python Development and Python for Math Education.

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