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New ShowMeDos – Learn Python with Code Walk-Throughs (Jeff Rush)

Jeff Rush has started work on an excellent new ShowMeDo series – in Python Source Walkthroughs Jeff talks you through existing Python code to show you how and why the code has been written this way.

This is a great way to learn Python from an experienced coder (Jeff is also a member of the Python Software Foundation), you can learn more on Jeff’s author page.

First you get Walkthru of a Simple Text Line Matcher (grep):

“Let’s start with a simple program, one that reads lines of text from one or more files and prints out those lines that match a regular-expression pattern. We’ll give it command-line options and then in successive reworkings in this talk have it underline the matches and accept multiple patterns any of which can match.”

Second, for networking-types, you get Walkthru of a Twisted Webserver:

“A guided walkthrough of a website served using the Twisted framework. The site illustrates the STAN document object model, iterative construction of page content and how to hook an RSS feed of news into a side pane of the site.”

Do leave a Thank-You Comment for Jeff if you benefit from these videos and let him know what you learned. Feedback is fuel for our authors.

About ShowMeDo:

Learn python programming with our many tutorial videos. See our commercial videos to learn more about Python – the two series cover Programming with Python and Learning Python.

Topics include python’s IDLE and PyDev development environments, debugging with PyDev, python unit-testing with nosetests, the csv module, easygui for user interfaces, Wingware’s Wing IDE, unit-tests and test-driven development.

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