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Python 3 Videos

In a trickle sure to become a flood, we are starting to receive some videos demonstrating Python 3 and its differences from the 2.3–2.6 family. Exciting time for all Pythonistas, but it will take a while before Py3k is the first Python of choice. But watch these and the others to come if you want to keep abreast of developments, and you really should.

  • Rob Marchetti hasĀ  a short comparison of Python 2.5 and 3.0 using Ulipad.
  • Chyld has a couple of Py3k videos, including a very cool demonstration of a del.icio.us mashup which uses the social bookmarking site’s RSS feeds to create something rather wonderful. I loved this demonstration of Python’s power and it’s a great example of scratching an itch with some well integrated libraries.
  • Gasto gives a side-by-side comparison of differences between the old and new Pythons, focusing on the new and very different ‘print’ command. This is a long but detailed video which gives a real feel for developments in the language.
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