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Python Beginners – Functions series finished for Club ShowMeDo

Python Beginners – Functions teaches you how to write and call your own functions in Python. We cover how to write functions, argument passing, scoping, gotchas and nested functions.

“I like the beginner videos, because you are confident on what the student must prepare to accept initially as dogma, and suggest to trust you for later explanation and pragmatize the knowledge-gaps.  You also show the PEPs, as a great way of showing how software is maintained when tens of thousands of people are behind it.” – Gasto

These videos are aimed at new Python programmers who want to understand how to write their own functions and how to avoid making time-eating mistakes.  The 6 episodes last 5-10 minutes each.  The series is available to Club ShowMeDo members.

“So much help for beginners like me, many thanks to Ian.” – hoya

  1. Overview (free)
  2. Defining a Function (Club-only)
  3. Arguments and Return Values 1 (Club-only)
  4. Arguments and Return Values 2 (Club-only)
  5. Variable Scope (Club-only)
  6. Nested and Private Function (Club-only)

Club videos are for paying members (a year’s membership costs less than a couple of books).  Anyone who contributes a video to ShowMeDo gets free Club membership for life.  Over 140 screencasts exist in the Club now, on top of the 760 free videos in the site.

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