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Python Newbies on XP – almost 2 hours of tutorial videos (paid-for series)

“This series aims to get you up and running with Python 2.5 on Windows XP. Here I have distilled for you the knowledge that I wanted when I first started with Python. During 107 minutes of video I’ll get you up and running with the right Python distro, coding in a choice of IDE, debugging and writing solid unit-tested code.

Three of the episodes cover writing code with PyDev, two with IDLE and the series includes three exercises to help you practice. By the end you will be ready to start coding your own Python projects.

Note that this is not a language tutorial – let me know if you’d like to see an introduction to the Python language?”, 9 videos, 1 hour 47 minutes, Ian Ozsvald

This is ShowMeDo’s first commercial series – only the first 2 videos are free. The entire series costs £5 UK (approximately $10 US, 8 Euro) – that is a *lot* of tutorial content for a very small fee.

* Deciding on a Python 2.5 Distro (4 minutes)
* Running Python 2.5 on Windows XP (5 minutes)
* Using IDLE v1.2 (21 minutes)
* IDLE’s Python Help and an Exercise (7 minutes)
* Python at the command line (11 minutes)
* Starting a Python project with PyDev (8 minutes)
* Build a simple file-reader using PyDev (10 minutes)
* Interactive debugging using PyDev (17 minutes)
* Unit Tests for Dependable Code (24 minutes)

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