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PythonCard for easy GUI programming (9 videos)

Dennis Daniels shows you how to build a GUI with PythonCard in this 9-part python programming series. PythonCard is built from wxPython.

Dennis runs through the documentation as he configures his system, configures paths so he can use the PythonCard Editor and then goes on to test PythonCard.

Next he uses dialogs, skins his application and talks about rsrc files.

Dennis is a new author with us at ShowMeDo, do leave a comment to say Thank You if you like his videos and please consider logging-in and Voting for Dennis.

About ShowMeDo:

Learn python programming with our python tutorial videos. See our commercial videos to learn more about Python – the two series cover Programming with Python and Learning Python.

Topics include python’s IDLE and PyDev development environments, debugging with PyDev, python unit-testing with nosetests, the csv module, easygui for user interfaces, Wingware’s Wing IDE, unit-tests and test-driven development.

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