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Sphinx and Doctests screencast

Percious continues his series on Agile Development in Python with a 3rd screencast on Using Sphinx and Doctests to provide robust documentation.

Sphinx is a fairly new package that people have been using to document their packages. Even the newest Python 2.6 documentation has been converted to sphinx. This demo shows how you can use sphinx to document your own program.

Percious’ series is receiving great praise:

“Another great screencast – turning into a must-see series. With documentation development this easy I finally have no excuses. A good number of hours sweat condensed into 10 minutes. Thanks for saving a chunk of my life!”

The other two episodes in the series cover VirtualEnv, PasteScript, Nosetests and Coverage.  Other recent free screencasts include Making a Django Dev Environment, TurboGears 2 and Python for Math Education, these are a part of our 330 Python screencasts.

Some of the recent screencasts in our Club include Google App Engine and pyWin32 and plenty of material for new Python programmers.

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