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Starting with twill, nosetests and easy_install

Many people have asked for help on installing the excellent nosetests tool so I decided to record a few short screencasts on installing easy_install, installing nosetests and installing twill.

To show twill in action I have started work on a subscriber-only series which teaches the viewer how to test a website using twill and nosetests. The source is public (it is listed below each video) so non-subscribers can follow-along too.

The series covers:

  • Checking that major pages exist and generate a 200 OK
  • Finding and following links
  • Confirming a page’s title and body html
  • Manipulating a form to login and test the login-process

I also use nosetests in several ways along with test functions and a test class. This should be all a Python programmer needs to get started with automated website testing.

This is one of our ShowMeDo Club tutorials for subscribers, a part of our 231 (mostly free!) screencasts that help you to learn Python. Subscribers get access to 6+ hours of Python tutorials, exercises and walk-throughs with new episodes every week.

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