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TurboGears 2 Installation Screencast

percious has posted a neat 8 minute screencast showing the TurboGears 2 installation process. TG2 is still very much in beta and this screencast helps make the installation process so much easier.

The description reads “This video shows how one might get up and running using TurboGears2. We start by creating a virtual environment (virtualenv) [and easy_install.py] to sandbox our installation and finish up with a working TG2 website.”.

“Nice screencast. I think it was very sensible to include virtualenv setup in the TG2 install screencast. The graphics and effects used are awesome. Congratulations!”

There are over 300 Python tutorial screencasts in ShowMeDo, many produced by our users.  Each contributor gets free access to Club ShowMeDo’s extra Python tutorials.

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