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wx.FileDialog and CreateStatusBar for our wx Image Viewer

In the fifth episode of our wxPython Image Viewer tutorial we look at creating a wx.FileDialog() File-Opener followed by using Frame.CreateStatusBar() to add a 2-column status bar to the Frame. We’re now half-way through the series, soon we’ll be displaying an image and testing your skills with some exercises.

This is one of our Club ShowMeDo tutorials which builds upon Kyrans free wxPython tutorial. The Overview episode will show you what we’re building and discusses which parts of wxPython are covered.

In the FileOpener episode we create a customised file-open dialog which (for now) just sets the Frame’s title with .SetTitle(…). I discuss using a modal dialog and why we use dlg.Destroy(). Briefly I show how to use wx.BeginBusyCursor() and wx.EndBusyCursor().

In the following short StatusBar episode we add a 2-column status-bar to the Frame and test that menu help text and user-specified status text is shown correctly.

“Really quite enjoying this series – coming back everyday to see if another part has been uploaded!” – John Montgomery

The Club ShowMedo Python tutorials are aimed at new Python programmers and they enable us to support all the free tutorials that we carry. This series was originally announced here. These tutorials are a part of our 177 Python tutorial videos.

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