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30 ShowMeDos and more coming!

I have just posted our 30th video – Fabio’s PyDev ShowMeDo. So far we have 21 Python ShowMeDos, 3 for Java, 4 for Screencasting and 2 Miscellaneous. 30 is a great milestone to reach.

I also have two more Java videos to post over the weekend. In the works from three of our users we may have new ShowMeDos covering MatPlotLib, PAMIE and a whole set for car mechanics.

If you’d like notifications for new videos, don’t forget to email us (notifications@showmedo.com) or post your email address into the notifications widget on each video page (it comes to the same email address).

We will only use your email for new-video notifications, and I mail out roughly once a month. We won’t spam or do anything foolish with your email address.

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