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“Batteries Included” Python beginner Club series now finished

Lucas’ Club series for Python beginners which introduces the Python standard library is now complete.

Batteries Included – The Python Standard Library has 9 episodes for Club-subscribers which introduce the core elements of file-system access, using the shell, regular expressions, math, dates and talking to websites.

“I will thank you for getting this in-depth basic explanation of the basic modules. It really fills in some missing holes on my knowledge of using this.” – JZA

Each video is around 5 minutes long and includes examples of normal use.


  1. Series overview
  2. The “sys” module
  3. The “os” module
  4. The “shutil” module (shell access)
  5. The “glob” module (file pattern matching)
  6. The “re” module (regular expressions)
  7. The “math” module
  8. The “urllib2” module
  9. The “datetime” module

Other recent Python videos include Making a Django Dev Environment, TurboGears 2, Agile Python Development, Python for Math Education, Database Programming, Google App Engine and pyWin32

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