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5 Tips for Making a Great Screencast

Now that we have reached 50 ShowMeDo videos, Kyran and I have learned a great deal about making screencasts (or podcasts as they are sometimes known). Here are my Top 5 Tips for recording your own screencasts:

  1. Plan each video to be 5-10 minutes on one subject – longer videos can be split into a series
  2. Know your subject – to be authentic you have to know what you’re talking about
  3. Have a rough plan and run through it several times – if you know your subject then you can record almost off-the-cuff with just a rough plan in mind
  4. The ‘pause’ button is your friend – take a breath, clear your throat, drink some water, then unpause when you’re ready to continue
  5. Start with a quick introduction to yourself and the subject, say what you’ll be covering, run through your presentation (umms and errs are fine) and conclude at the end with a ‘thanks for listening’.

That is all there is to it. If you know what you’re talking about, then making a video is terribly easy on Windows with free software, is very easy on MacOS with some paid software, and easy-enough (if you’re ok at the command line) and free under Linux. We handle all the post-production, transcoding and hosting, all you need to do is share your knowledge and we can do the rest!

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