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A proposal for a “Python Tutorial Series” – what should be included?

I have posted a forum entry asking What would you include in a Python tutorial for newbies?. Kyran and I would like to encourage our visitors to help us make a Python Tutorial Series, one that any newbie to Python can be directed at.

Of course – before we help to make this series we need to know what should be in it! Anyone learning Python right now and anyone having gone through the process can help us here.

So – what topics should be included in the ShowMeDo videos? We would need introductions to built-in types, input/output, functions and files at a bare minimum. We should probably also show the ‘Batteries Included’ nature of Python. Would you pop into the forum and help us define this series?

Once it is defined we will help to make the series and we’ll host it for free access to all.

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