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Almost 12,000 video downloads

Since our go-live day on Jan 1st we’ve had an amazing 11,938 ShowMeDo downloads, and almost half of these have been in the last few weeks. Kyran and I are very happy that we’re able to provide such a useful service!

The four IPython introduction ShowMeDos continue to be the most popular with 5,801 downloads to date, followed by the two SPE ShowMeDos with 1,901 views. Kyran’s five wxPython ShowMeDos, although new, are showing their popularity with 2,706 downloads in just the last 5 weeks.

We’re also very proud to have our first user-contributed ShowMeDo: Jerol Harrington introduces Python objects using the IPython shell in the first of a three-part set. Get it while it’s hot!

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