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And the most popular ShowMeDo video so far is…

The most downloaded screencast since we went live on New Year’s Eve is Developing Python In IPython with 1,189 downloads over 7 weeks.

The other SPE and IPython videos have between 469 and 861 downloads over the same time period, and Kyran’s latest wxPython videos, launched just last week, have a whopping 273 to 404 downloads each (Adding Event Handlers being the most popular).

Our first ever video, the venerable Perfect Cup of Coffee, has been downloaded 319 times, and several people have been asking for the Great Tea video I mentioned…all in good time!

The addition of New Video Notifications and Comments last week has proved to be a good move, currently we’ve had 24 requests for new video notifications and 9 very positive comments, aside from emails to our enquiries@showmedo.com address.

Now, how do we go about encouraging you, our users, to add your own knowledge to this collection?

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