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Author Horst Jens in Python Papers

Horst Jens’ three Python Kids are discussed in ‘Python for Kids’ in this month’s Python Papers.

The article covers PyDoc, EasyGUI, DrPython and RUR-PLE. Python Papers editor Tennessee Leeuwenburg has authored the piece in Volume 2 Issue 2 (html version)

Writes Tennessee Leeuwenburg:

“The use of Python in education is clearly a significant topic in its own right. In the previous article, Michael Tobis presented an excellent overview of Python in education. As can be seen, Leo, Lexi and Chen have made some fantastic videos. If Python Papers readers know of any other examples of Python being used in education, or would like to let us know their views on this topic, we would love to hear from you!”

Congratulations to Horst for getting into print! Kyran and I believe that this is the first ShowMeDo series to get into a publication, hopefully the first of many more.

ShowMeDo has 113 Python videos along with a latest-videos RSS feed to keep you up to date. Do please consider sharing your knowledge with us by making your own ShowMeDos.

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