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Discount for Python Newbies tutorial videos ending in 1 week

At the end of May I will end the discounted period for my Python Newbies (on XP) video series. The aim of the series is to distil 4 years of my knowledge about getting-started-with-Python to the viewer in a touch under 2 hours through 9 tutorial videos.

The series has been very well received and I have had some wonderful feedback including:

“As I Ian says [], he’s found, organized, and presented information that would take weeks or months to learn in the ordinary way. Even if your time is worth only $10 per hour, I figure the value in time saved is at least $800. The skills are priceless” – Vincent DiCarlo

Vincent went on to buy a second copy for his nephew after leaving this comment. Until the end of May the entire series costs just £5 (approx. $9 US, 8 Euro). This includes:

  1. The option of leaving questions for me through the Comments on each video page
  2. A donation from us to the Python Software Foundation
  3. The option to download each video for personal backup
  4. The option of a full refund (within 30 days) for whatever reason

After May the price will rise. Buy access here – it takes just a few minutes – we use Lulu.com to handle PayPal/Credit Card payments, they give you an access URL, the URL grants your login access to the videos.

I am now working on my second series entitled ‘Introductory Python – the easyGUI and csv modules’. I have plans for two more series soon – ‘Debugging with Python’, ‘Writing reliable code with Python’. Each series is aimed at a new Python programmer who has prior coding experience in another language.

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