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IDLE video praise on new Python Newbies series

Here are some comments from the 3rd and 9th videos in my Python Newbies series. Using IDLE v1.2:

“This IDLE session is great. It really highlighted this simple to start yet powerful free IDE. A built-in IDE, in my point of view, is one of many reasons Python is getting more popular. I started to like Python and this series by Ian more…”, miracle

“Before watching the video, I was under the impression that IDLE was nothing more than a fancy syntax highlighting editor but here Ian shows you how useful IDLE really is when you start learning Python.

Though I use PyDev for my daily work, I do go to the Python shell to just try out a few things on the interpreter before writing my main code but I never used IDLE for it, I always preferred command line. But Ian just shows you that IDLE is more than a syntax highlighting interpreter and he demonstrates a lot of it’s feature like repeating the code (by hitting return), Alt + ‘/’ (which shows code complete), and Ctrl + C (Key-board interrupt), etc.

He also points you to some good references to IDLE tutorials which will be very useful when you are beginning to learn Python.

Keep going Ian :-) Looking for more videos from you here on ShowMeDo.”, Srikanth

“A very good video, explaining both Python and IDLE editing basics. I learned a lot from this. Both on the Python language and library (for which IDLE already shows plenty of tooltips), but even more on the editing shortcuts.”, Frank van Puffelen

Bonus – IDLE’s Python Help and an Exercise:

“I thought this was a very good SMD. I used it to compare the help functions within IPython, and was inspired to add a permanent alias to evoke the Python help file (like F1 in IDLE)”, Jerol Harrington

“I enjoyed this video. It is informative and useful.”, Jack Palmer

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