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Menus and Binding for wxPython Image Viewer

The fourth episode of the wxPython Image Viewer tutorial – Add Menus, wx Ids, Binding – has just been published. This is one of our subscriber-only Python tutorials which builds upon Kyran’s original free wxPython tutorial.

In this episode we add a MenuBar and Menu items to the skeleton application. Since Menus force us to look at wxPython’s ids we look at ‘-1′, wx.ID_ANY, wx.NewId() and user-defined ids. The source code (shown below the video) shows that we use ‘-1′ as a matter of choice.

We also look at using object.GetId(), Wingware’s Wing IDE for help, binding functions to menu items and self.Destroy() to close the application.

“This is an excellent tutorial screencast. Not only is the presentation very professional and well paced, you’re also a very, very good teacher. I particularly liked how you didn’t dig too deep into the code in this episode, as it would only confuse beginners. At the same time you covered enough to justify an episode.

VERY, VERY good job, I’d say one of the, if not the best tutorial video and series available on ShowMeDo today.” – Lucas

Club ShowMeDo Python tutorials are aimed at new Python programmers and they enable us to support all the free tutorials that we carry. This series was originally announced here.

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