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Milestone achieved – 100,128 tutorials served!

Woot! We broke our milestone of “100,000 tutorial downloads” yesterday, this is rather good for 317 days of working in evenings and weekends on the site with not a penny spent on marketing – just good ol’ word-of-mouth.

100,128 Tutorials Served!

You can see in the graph that we’re now serving 500 videos a day, and whilst we’re at 75 videos today we’ll have over 100 in the site by Christmas and I safely predict that we’ll be serving many more videos per day by then.

In December we’ll also have our first paid-for video-set aimed squarely at new Python programmers, over one hour’s worth of content aimed at getting you up and coding as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your interest and feedback and thanks for helping us spread the word (and, um, if you haven’t and you like what we do, maybe you would put in a mention for us some where?).

With warm regards,
Ian and Kyran.

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