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New Club series for Python Beginners – Common Variables and Containers

I’m rather excited to announce this new and rather long Club ShowMeDo series called Common Variables and Containers.  It is aimed at new/intermediate Python users and builds upon the previous ‘What Does Python Look Like?‘ series.

In 14 episodes I introduce the user to all the common Python datatypes and containers.  This includes showing common usage and explaining newer ways of doing things with Python 2.5 (and linking to examples of out-dated docs so the user is aware of older techniques).

“Excellent tutorial – Well thought out example, clear, with a logical progression that builds on itself. In the end the goal of the tut is attained very well.”

Each episode is 5-10 minutes long, the first seven are published and the rest follow over the coming weeks:

  1. Overview (Variables and Containers) (Free)

  2. Variables are Objects

  3. Variable Scope

  4. int and float

  5. decimal

  6. str(ings)

  7. unicode

The aim of the series is to give a visual introduction to all the common datatypes that the user will see when learning Python.  This backs-up the material that can be found on the web and in books – screencasts are great for building up memories of ’seeing it in action’.

This series is a part of Club ShowMeDo, these videos are for paying subscribers (Club membership is given for free to anyone who submits their own screencast).  The Club screencasts are a part of our 311 Python screencasts, most of which are freely available, created by us and our open-source authors.

“Great video, lots of good basic information to help me start learning Python. Easy to watch the videos and then open up an interactive prompt and try out the new features I just learned. I also like the web links for additional details.”

If you want to try the Club, remember that we offer a full refund guarantee if the Club isn’t what you expect and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.  We want you to feel comfortable whilst trying us out.  We’re always open to feedback and suggestions for the topics you’d like to see us cover.

Other recent Club videos include Database Programming, Google App Engine and pyWin32.

Recent free videos include Making a Django Dev Environment, TurboGears 2, Agile Python Development and Python for Math Education.

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