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Pay-to-access praise for Python Newbies on XP

Chris found the 4th episode in my first pay-to-access series to be very useful – Python at the command line. The exercise that I describe in the video clearly was very useful too, great!

Good job Ian. I agree that in general that we’ll all be using some sort of IDE or more full featured editor but I really liked the “get started quick” approach.

I really enjoyed the *basic* assignment. The information was all right at our fingertips after the video so really it was just a great way to write a simple script that gave us a feel for Python. I even feel a bit more comfortable after writing it.

I’ve been playing around with Python and a couple of web frameworks (TurboGears & Django) but this did more for me as far as the feel of Python. I’m looking for more assignments as soon as I’m able.

Purchasing the series is easy, it takes just 5 minutes to buy it via the supplied link to lulu.com and afterwards you own the series and you can ask me (via the Comments) for extra exercises or help.

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