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Productive in 10 minutes with TurboGears and Python 2.5

Installing a fresh TurboGears 1.0.3 on a clean Python 2.5 (Windows) install took less than 10 minutes last night. A moment later I had our latest Subversion source tree downloaded and running on the machine. Productivity in just 10 minutes – woot!

Kyran and I are working on the new arm of ShowMeDo. Our ‘professional services’ business is aimed at companies who want professional screencast hosting to demo their wares. We already use TurboGears for ShowMeDo so re-using code is an obvious step.

Installing TurboGears was child’s play:

  1. Visit the TurboGears install page
  2. Download tgsetup.py
  3. Run it by typing “tgsetup.py” at the command prompt
  4. 6 minutes later TurboGears is ready – no intervention required

I hit a bump when I checked out our latest source-tree and tried to run it – I received a 500 Internal Error: “KeyError: ‘Template engine genshi is not installed” when I visited the home-page. What was going on?

I remembered that the Genshi templating system isn’t enabled by default – Kyran normally handles this stuff.

The docs for TurboGears Genshi Templating said I just needed to run ‘easy_install Genshi‘. [TG team - any chance that the KeyError's message could point new users at this page as a bit of help?].

Sure enough – 2 minutes later Genshi was installed and my local development environment was up and running. Sweet!

About ShowMeDo:

Learn python programming with our python tutorial videos. See our commercial videos to learn more about Python – the two series cover Programming with Python and Learning Python.

Topics include python’s IDLE and PyDev development environments, debugging with PyDev, python unit-testing with nosetests, the csv module, easygui for user interfaces, Wingware’s Wing IDE, unit-tests and test-driven development.

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