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Python Beginners Completed! - File Input/Output

Finally we’ve finished the Python Beginners über-series in our Club. In total the Club has 118 videos over 15 series all focused on teaching new Python skills. Now we’re done with Python beginners we’ll be expanding our scope.

In just under 30 minutes in the File I/O Tutorial I cover reading text files, writing textfiles, using binary files (with Python Imaging Library as the example) and persisting data with the pickle module.

Now that we’re finished with the raw episodes and our Learning Paths are usable I’m tying together all the Python videos (free+Club) into paths-of-learning that teach you about topics including:

  • Starting to Program with Python
  • Getting Python Installed
  • Walking through fully-written programs (long step-by-step series)
  • Python development environments and tools
  • Python GUI development
  • Django
  • Web-application development

The learning-paths, and learning how to use them effectively, are very much a work in progress. As ever we welcome any and all constructive feedback.

Once we’re done with the Python learning paths we’ll start to tie together all the other topics in ShowMeDo (heck – we have well over 1000 screencast tutorials now!) to make learning much easier.

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