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Python Newbies on XP – Testimonials

Our Python Newbies on XP series continues to sell well, I have copied some of the recent praise for the series below. The series is coming to the end of its discounted period and the price will rise at the end of May.

If you want to buy access to all 9 episodes (1 hour 47 minutes in total) then do it soon – purchase access here for only £5 GBP.

“As Ian says somewhere, he’s found, organized, and presented information that would take weeks or months to learn in the ordinary way. Even if your time is worth only $10 per hour, I figure the value in time saved is at least $800. The skills are priceless.” – Vincent DiCarlo, 3rd May 2007

“Nice introduction to IDLE. Like you mentioned in the ShowMeDo presentation at PyCon, these videos are a great alternative to just hacking away at learning a new language. Great initiative and contribution to the world of Python. Can’t wait to watch all the new Python videos that are forthcoming…” – Ryan Galbraith, 10th May 2007

“These lessons are so good it’s hard to stop.” – Vincent DiCarlo, 2nd May 2007

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