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Relaunch, Refresh, Renew

Not sure what it is, but it starts with re. Inspired somewhat by a good friend (thanks Steve!) I galvanised a few galvons and decided to redo Showmedo. Chief among the aims was:

  • Make navigation to the video-tutorials much easier/more intuitive.
  • Make the site less visually er weird/fussy/cluttered
  • Reorganize and refactor the codebase and remove the huge amounts of cruft behind the scenes to…
  • Free time in the future.
  • Make things faster. Page-loads, server-load, the works.
  • Giving the club a home.

I think pretty substantial inroads have been made with regard to these goals. Not perfect by any means, but there is now a reasonably solid base on which to build. I’ll be documenting the changes a bit in the next week or so, but hope the new site is a much nicer prospect.

Please feel free to direct any feedback here.


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