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Righto, we’re looking for new contributors!

After our recent traffic spikes (Makezine, DZone, Delicious and O’ReillyNet in order) and the heaps of positive feedback that we’ve received, we know that we’re providing something that is seriously useful to many people.

Jeremy Jones is looking to make a worked-example ShowMeDo for Django, as is Ian Maurer and Ian Holsman. Nadav Samet plans to do the same for TurboGears. Web frameworks are naturally big right now with the forthcoming v1.0 releases for TurboGears and Django – and these contributions will be great to learn from.

However – we don’t want to lose sight of other areas where tutorial videos would be very important, namely:

  • Teaching beginners how to program Python, Java and Ruby
  • Introducing tools and frameworks and showing what they can do
  • Seeing web-frameworks using other languages (perhaps for PHP developers or for Rails?)
  • Car mechanics – our surprise hit from the Makezine mention

To get an idea of how well our programming videos are being received, see the votes for some of our programming series over at DZone.com.

Do you have a topic that you’d like to contribute? Could you help us solve some of our user-requests (how about looking at them in reverse-date-order?)? We’ll help you every step of the way – just get in touch (ian@showmedo.com) and we can talk through your ideas. With the right ideas your ShowMeDos could contribute back to the community for a long time to come.

Don’t forget that we are building towards paid-for videos, giving established ShowMeDo-authors the option of making high-quality tutorial series that are available for a fee. Of course, this option will only apply to authors who have demonstrated their knowledge via freely available ShowMeDos first of all!

With the paid-for video option, we’re hoping to be able to contribute back to the underlying open-source projects behind the videos…more on that later as we figure out the details.

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