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ShowMeDo is Teaching Python

Last weekend we opened Club ShowMeDo for new Python programmers. This week we begin publishing our first new series – building a wxPython Image Viewer in very simple steps, aimed at new wxPython programmers. The series will assume some prior Python knowledge and no prior wxPython knowledge.

We’ll release a few episodes each week and in total we have 10 episodes planned lasting around 45 minutes. 3 exercises (with solutions!) will be included to stretch the viewer’s knowledge. I plan to publish the initial episodes by Friday.

This is the first new Python series that I’ve worked on in a while and now I’ll regularly publish new series. My previous two Python series are also a part of the Subscription plan.

In the first series I show a new Python programmer how to build and debug a simple unit-tested file reader using PyDev and introduce IDLE. In the second series I build a robust csv-file-reader which does some math and uses the easygui GUI toolkit for easy interaction with the user.

Both of these series show fully-worked examples which teach a new programmer the fundamentals of Python programming, including the need for unit-testing and documentation.

We have plans for many new series which build on this theme – fully worked examples which build into useful applications. New python programmers can learn more about our Subscriptions here.

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