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ShowMeDo March Update – Python Subscriptions going great, VoIP conference tonight

[This is a re-print of the monthly Update Email that is sent to all of our Members]

wxPython Videos Hit the Spot:

I’m really rather pleased to say that our Subscriber series on building a wxPython Image Viewer has been going down a storm and we’ve received a heap of great feedback.

The series will have 14 episodes and will be completed in the next 2 weeks. The current episodes (9 and 10) are an exercise with worked-solution to add a ‘mirror image’ menu command, the next 4 episodes will also be exercises with worked solutions (for adding a Splash Screen and adding an HTML About box).

The next 2 subscriber series are in preparation:

  1. Using twill to automatically test websites from within Python – as used to unittest showmedo.com
  2. Using pyWin32 to control Excel and other COM applications on Windows

To keep your skills up to date learn more about our Subscription package.

Subscribers get over 4 hours of Python tutorial videos including basic coding, IDEs, unit-testing, refactoring and debugging knowledge. Right now we cover core Python and wxPython, later we’ll expand to include other important modules and projects.

As mentioned last time anyone who joined us before February 10th receives a 50% discount. Full details and a publishing schedule are available.

Monthly Online Conference – Thursday evening (7pm UTC):

Every month we have an online voice conference to discuss what’s happening with our Authors and what features the site needs. Previously we’ve used Skype but now this month we’re using the free Gizmo VoIP/SIP software (Skype kept crashing!).

Our next conference is being held this evening at 7pm UTC (8PM CET). We normally have around 7 members in the conference and we’d love to open it up to some of our regular users. If you’d like to participate (or just lurk) then you’ll find initial details here in the Authors group.

We’d especially like some of our Subscribers to attend to give us feedback on the Subscription system. After the conference a recording (mp3 or ogg) will be made available – keep an eye on the Authors group.

Python Portal Updated and Subscriber-Videos Feed:

Our main Python portal has had an update so now you can keep track of which videos are available to Subscribers.

I’ve also added an RSS feed so you can track the release of each new subscriber-only video, this feed is linked on the /videos/python page.

New Google Group – ShowMeDo Learners:

For those of you who are currently learning a new topic I have added a new ShowMeDo Learners google group.

I noticed that many of you ask questions on the Comments forms and then the author (frequently me) acts almost as a bottleneck to the answers you might need. Now you can ask your questions in the Learners group – our authors and main users will be monitoring it.

The rule of the group is – put something in, take something out. Do please help out when someone asks a question. By helping to answer other people’s questions you’ll be stretching your own knowledge which naturally helps you to learn and keep your knowledge up to date.

Python Papers Article:

Our first magazine article is in preparation – yay! With luck by the next update mail we’ll have our long article published in next edition of The Python Papers.

For previous articles including Horst Jens’ article on ‘Python for Kids’ and ShowMeDo see Volume 2 Issue 2.

Adding your own tutorials:

You can learn how easy it is to share your own knowledge by visiting here and you can see screencasting examples for Linux, Mac and Windows here.

By adding your own videos to ShowMeDo you’ll be giving something back to the open-source movement and sharing your own hard-won knowledge with those who are eager to learn (and who like to say Thank-You!).

New videos:

All of our videos are shown here (takes a while to load).

You can keep track of new videos as they’re published using this RSS feed.

OpenStreetMap, steve – 2 very informative videos on collaborative local and world-wide mapping (the videos look great!).

python: create art with xturtle and random – 1 neat ‘kids video’ featuring Felix as he shows you how to use xturtle to draw nice random graphics.

Setting up Python 2.5 support in VIM, Jack Atkinson – 2 videos on compiling MinGW and adding Python support to VIM.

Screencasting in Linux, rfquerin-heathenx – 2 videos on GTK-RecordMyDesktop and encoding videos using MEncoder.

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