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Showmedo Relaunching

Frantic scenes aboard the SS Showmedo as we move to a new server and introduce a much-changed site. According to google analytics about one third of our regular audience are currently lost in cyberspace as various DNS caches around the globe send them off to the old site or some weird fusion of old and new.

Moving server has been as stressful as I imagined, probably the reason for all those ‘moving servers is stressful’ blog entries around the web. We’re currently a little rickety and scared to crank up the engines for fear of shaking the ship apart. But, thanks to some caching magic, we seem to be serving pages and videos.

The new site design is the result of finally having a big chunk of hours to dedicate to Showmedo, rather than cadging them after hours from the day-job. I think things are a deal cleaner and more professional, allowing for my being rather an accidental web-developer. The feedback has been pretty positive, which is always nice.

Our new initiative viz web-education is Learning-paths. I’ll be blogging a little about this as soon as I manage to get the server software installed. For all you linux users out there used to the simple pleasures of ‘apt-get install’ or ‘yum’ or ‘rpm’ or any one of the new-fangled ways of getting software onto your *buntu, opensuse, fedora, etc. box, be very thankful; I have been plunged back a couple of decades or so to library-dependency hell and it is a head-trip indeed.

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