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ShowMeDo RSS Feeds

We have just implemented the first round of RSS feeds for ShowMeDo (using the very simple TurboGears FeedController). This feature is about a year overdue…if only I’d known it was so straight-forward. Look for the big RSS icons in the site.

The latest-video feed is tag-based so to track the latest Python videos subscribe to:

To track all the latest videos (not tag-specific) just use:

To follow all the new comments across the site (no Python-specific feed just yet) use:
and then you can follow and join the conversations.

Want to share your knowledge? We’d love to have more Python videos, full instructions are here.

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2 comments to ShowMeDo RSS Feeds

  • Nice work on the RSS although I have to say the FeedController is not the greatest part of TG :)

    anyway I wanted to say that (at least in google reader) the feed name for the “all” feed is being mark as “(title unknown)”

  • Yes, we were missing some tags, I’ve fixed that now. Hopefully the feeds will work in Safari now too.
    I’m not saying that the FeedController is the best part…I was just super-happy that the feeds took me an hour in total to write having never written an RSS feed before, that’s all :-)