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Traffic picks up

First this weekend we had a link from Swaroop, and then Sean McGrath, and these were picked up by the good folks at Daily Python. That’s driven traffic up from 30 people per day to closer to 80. We’re also seeing a number of del.icio.us links, our first Squidoo lens link from Herb Lainchbury and a few interesting characters like Guido van Rossum sending us great feedback. Many thanks to all for helping to spread the word about our training videos.

What we really need now is to increase our content, and for that we need people like you to submit your own videos.

Have you got a topic you’d like to share? Some hard-won knowledge that could save someone else hours of frustration? We’re concentrating on Python topics, but we’ll take anything that could help someone else learn. Just drop us a line (enquiries@showmedo.com) and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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