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Ubuntu UK Podcast interviews ShowMeDo

I was very happy to accept an invite from Alan Pope of the Ubuntu UK Screencasting team last weekend to do an interview for their monthly podcast (ogg/mp3s here).

We spoke about many topics including why Kyran and I started the site, our 50 Ubuntu screencasts and how easy it is to make screencasts for ShowMeDo.

Tony’s post lists the podcast’s topics:

  • Unix/Linux Malware & Security precautions,
  • Interview with Ian Ozsvald from Showmedo,
  • A short phone call from Mark Shuttleworth,
  • Plus the sarcastic news,
  • And a competition to get money off Ubuntu schwag.

Many thanks to Tony (for hosting within hours of returning from San Francisco!), Alan, Dave, Ciemon and Graham for the invite.

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