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Videos Rolling In

Neil Dickenson’s fantastic Assembly Programming Series continues apace, focussing on the stack.

A nice little video from Dai on using the Nautilus file-browser to do Linux admin tasks.

In just over a minute Ian shows how to install the increasingly necessary firefox adblock plugin. Very slickly done as always. As ever, adblocking is subject to a little debate. The garish, obnoxious ads that destroy ones browsing experience are self-defeating anyway so blocking them isn’t an issue, but more benign, relatively peaceable text-based ads should probably be allowed through if there’s any chance it will help maintain the flow of quality content.

Some really nice 3D modelling and texturing videos from Horst and Leo, using the rather cool Wings3D open-source modeller, a simpler alternative to the rather more heavyweight Blender. As ever Horst and Leo helpfully provide an English-subtitled version.

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