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Which ShowMeDos are most popular?

So, which topics do our visitors find most interesting? I have analysed our logs and compiled some stats, ranked roughly by most-recent-first.

For the latest ShowMeDos the total number of downloads are:

  • RUR-PLE – 181
  • PyDev (2 videos) – 1591
  • nosey Python testing – 230
  • pyWinAuto – 559
  • Java/Eclipse (4 videos) – 159
  • Intro to Python Objects (3 videos) – 1436

The Java/Eclipse videos aren’t receiving much attention as I don’t know where to publicise them! Can you help?

For our older ShowMeDos:

  • IPython (4 videos) – 8782
  • SPE (2 videos) – 3692
  • wxPython (5 videos) – 5171
  • Starting with Python (3 videos) – 1453
  • CamStudio (2 videos) – 650

As a general trend, videos covering ‘how to get started’ with a tool are particularly popular – watching a ShowMeDo beats reading a manual when you are impatient to get started!

Jerol’s Introduction to Python Objects also shows that people are interested in learning about harder topics – again watching a video is easier than reading a book, and learning directly from somebody else’s hard-won experience is a great way to learn.

What would we like to see more of? Simple – ShowMeDos that show us how to quickly get started using a tool (IDEs like PyDev, APIs like pyWinAuto with Win32) and ShowMeDos distilled from an experienced person’s knowledge (like Jerol’s Introduction to Objects).

If you are interested in sharing a quick-start guide to a tool or helping those who could benefit from your hard-won experience then please get in contact and we’ll tell you just how easy it is!

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