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Who Blogs the Blogmen?

Blogging about our freshly themed, recently resuscitated blog seems more than a tad redundant but it has been poorly and someone has to announce its recovery. It should look more at home with the new Showmedo site, courtesy of some wordpress-theme-fuery, which turned out to be slightly less painful than all that but which will be the topic of a screencast one of these days.

Re-theming the blog gave me (Kyran) a chance to peer under the Wordpress hood, install it (and Apache) locally and generally play around a little. Gotta say I’m impressed, even the little amount of PHP hackery being very bearable.  Wordpress is a real shining star in the open-source firmament and I haven’t yet managed to break it, so it’s a few notches ahead of Showmedo. So thanks to all the relevant parties for creating this little joy and we fully intend to use it quite a bit more in the future.

And if anyone has any Wordpress screencasts lying around or a vague idea of making one sometime,  I think they would go down huge, so to speak. For a slightly aging, but very nice introduction to Wordpress 2.0, checkout Rachel Cunliffe’s screencast.

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