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An Introduction to Database Programming with Python @ ShowMeDo

Kyran has published a full new Club ShowMeDo series, this one covers database programming for beginners with Python.

  1. Introduction to the Series (Free)
  2. The Python Database API (DBAPI)
  3. Connecting Python to the Database
  4. Using and Manipulating a Database from Within a Python Progam
  5. Creating a Database With Python

The aim of the series is to show you how to start talking to databases from within Python, assuming you already know how to write some Python code.

The Club now has 9 series aimed a new/intermediate Python programmers.  The 10th series on ‘Variables and Printing – Python Beginners’ will be starting soon.

The subscription price will start to rise soon to reflect the larger range of topics that are available, if you subscribe now you’ll always be charged the current lower rate (your costs won’t go up in the future even though we keep publishing new material each week).

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