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“An Introduction to Vim Macros” screencast series

Justin Lilly has created a 3-part series on using Vim macros, Vim is a powerful editor that has a bit of a learning curve.

“Thanks! Learning by looking over the shoulder is really a great addition to the help files.”

Screencasts make it easier to see what’s going on for the new user:

  1. An Introduction to Vim Macros
  2. Vim Selections
  3. Vim % operator

These videos form a part of our 330 Python tutorial screencasts.  Most are free, some are a part of our Club which focuses on carefully planned tutorials for Python beginner/intermediate programmers.

Other recent videos include Making a Django Dev EnvironmentTurboGears 2, Agile Python Development and Python for Math Education.  Recent beginner-Python videos include Common Variables and Containers, Loops and Iteration and What Does Python Look Like?.

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