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Exercise and Solution 2 – Adding the About box and using HTML in wxPython

The second exercise (with solution) in the wxPython Image Viewer tutorial gets you to use the HtmlWindow in a custom Dialog to add an About box to the Help menu.

In Exercise – Add an HTML About Dialog to the Help Menu I show you the basic code for an inherited wx Dialog along with the necessary steps to add an About menu item. I give you the necessary hints and then you’re all set to read some of the linked help pages to figure out how to solve the exercise.

In Worked solution – HTML About Dialog I walk you through the complete solution and show how we build up to having a working, HTML-based About box.

Previously we’ve covered memory-leaks, Images and StaticBitmaps, StatusBars and FileDialogs in this wxPython tutorial. This series has everything a new wxPython programmer needs to learn the basics of writing their own wx application. The final two episodes (on adding a Splash screen) will be published this coming week.

This is one of our subscriber-only tutorials, these build upon our free wxPython tutorials which live with our 188 Python tutorials. The source code for this episode is freely available (they all are) further down the video’s page.

Club Members get access to 6+ hours of Python tutorials, exercises and walk-throughs with new episodes every week. You can test your knowledge of Python and keep your skills up-to-date through our Club.

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