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Google App Engine videos coming to ShowMeDo (also wx+DB videos)

Kyran is working on a Google App Engine series for ShowMeDo, the first episodes should be up over the next few days.  They’ll teach a new user how to write their first GAE app.

This series will be a part of our Club (which pays for our time to make the videos) and it builds on John’s earlier Club series which teaches the basics of Python CGI web programming.

The GAE series is well timed – Google have just announced that they’ve removed the restrictions on beta sign-ups so now anyone can get an account and try GAE for free.

Kyran is also just finishing a series on using wxPython and Python Databases to write a useful little app.  We’re hoping to start publishing that series in about a week.

About Club ShowMeDo – we’re recording tutorial videos to teach you all about Python.  Currently we cover some how-tos for starting with Python, wxPython, COM (Windows only) and CGI web programming.  Next we’re covering the Google App Engine, more wxPython+databases and a long intro-to-Python series for new programmers.

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