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Python 411 podcast interview – thanks Ron!

Ron Stephens, creator of the rather excellent Python411 podcast series was good enough to interview Kyran and myself a couple of weeks back: An interview with the founders of ShowMeDo: May 25, 2009

We cover the history of how we started ShowMeDo with Python screencasts, Kyran’s innovative Learning Paths (which caught MIT’s eye), the special learn-Python-quickly tutorials in our Club, our authors and the 1,000 educational screencasts we’ve built between us to date.

We also discuss how you can share your own knowledge with 100,000 global viewers and end with a light chat about Python 3.0.

Ron has a long list of podcast interviews, check them out if you want to know about topics like Django, Python Visualisation and the Python Learning Foundation.  He also lists many Python tutorials across the web, they are great short-cuts to find what you need.

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