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GoToMeeting – easy remote desktops

Under our new ShowMeDo Services arm I’m working with Cliff of eAdvantage to help him build and host videos which demonstrate their software.  Today Cliff made and published his first video (it’ll go live next week).

Cliff suggested I use GoToMeeting to remotely configure his PC – it took 5 minutes from accepting his invite (on my Windows XP machine) to seeing his desktop in a window on my laptop.  I configured his CamStudio, walked through his script and showed him how to record his first video.

Cliff went on to record his video and an hour later we spoke again.  I took control of his desktop and showed him  how to use our Uploader program and 10 minuts later we had his freshly-recorded videos on-line in a webpage.  Lovely!

I’ll be featuring Cliff’s videos inside our Services website shortly (hopefully next week).

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